Thursday, December 31, 2009

7200, 7199, 7198, 7197, 7196...

I'm counting down to the New Year, and gettin' the doxie ready for our midnight smooch. Yes and alas, readers, my New Year's Eve is being spent solo. Iffy weather conditions kept me from making any sort of travel plans, so it's just as well I'm staying home and reviewing the year that was, in hopes of doing much, much better next year.

Although my finances are finishing the year in worse shape, my body is faring a bit better than it was at the start of 2009. I've discovered that exercising doesn't have to equal the torture dished out by our grade school gym teacher, who extolled the virtues of running till one pukes and believed the way to motivate us chubby kids was through humiliation. (Yeah, that worked real well, Mr. Schwartz!) I had hoped to observe birthday 50 -- now just 113 days away -- with some sort of grand walkabout in the British Isles, but unless somebody actually gifts me with such a trek (or unless I somehow manage to double my salary between now & then), the trip won't happen this year. Nevertheless, I can aim to walk the five flights of stairs in the campus library without requiring supplemental oxygenation . . . .

While true love eluded me in '09, my ventures in the realm of romance did serve to confirm what I don't want in a relationship. Sadly, it also seemed to confirm that the men I am attracted to do not reciprocate the sentiment -- and it's not as thought I've got impossibly idealistic, unrealistic standards. (But perhaps they do?) Still, I'm going to give the Bolivian love amulet time to do its magic, and have every reason to believe that I'll at least have a date before the end of the first quarter of 2010. Hopefully without having to move to another state.

I wasn't a very diligent blogger this past year, and can't promise to improve in the months ahead, but will strive to at least maintain the same level of entertainment and whining that you've come to expect, with perhaps more poetry and original photography thrown in for interest.

And I will continue not to charge for this service.



  1. Bolivian Love Amulet?
    I may have to get one myself

    Have a happy . . .

  2. Sounds like you you know what worked and what didn't this past year and what you hope to make better or not worse in 2010. You've done more soul searching in one year than most have done in a lifetime. It's going to be a great 2010! Happy new year! And this time the Chinese will land on the moon.

  3. Happy new year to you and yours. Don't forget too that solo can be fun

  4. All comes to she who waits... bullshit. Go out and grab it. By whatever is easiest to grab ;-)

  5. happy new year!
    your evening in sounds so peaceful. i love idea of an amulet: just to claim you want love in your life is an act of bravery.

  6. I am a little tardy here...but it's not just you, it's all of my on-line friends that I've neglected of late. Anyway, I hope your dream boat ties up to your dock in 2010 (I know, I can't believe I said it either). I am thinking that all of the dudes there in Bubbaville are just too damned dumb to realize what a beautiful person is in their midst. Not so sure about the amulet thingy though.

  7. Hey, Happy New Year! Let's pretend it is new year all year and keep hope, prosperity and etc. at the to of the list. I cast the stones near the end of last year and got Hagalaz.The interpretation I like, essentially, Change, Freedom, invention and liberation. I have been using the oracle, Rune Stones now more than ever as a guide to my own humanity. I too wish you well in your endeavors of companionship of the opposite sex, someone who meets your requirements. I've discovered much over time and I too hope to write and read more this year here. ;-). The adventure continues, jjc

  8. Have a happy new year Intelliwench! Give the amulet time to work. :)


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