Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Got Lucky!

Just not "that" way.

Intellikid didn't realize that certain items purchased from do not ship in a plain brown wrapper...and so earlier this week when my Christmas present from her was delivered, her hopes of surprising me were dashed. But all is good, because my dear, darling daughter (who had better never spend that much on me again, at least not until she has graduated from college and is gainfully employed) gifted me with a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer. I don't even care that it's not the super-duper professional model I was lusting after a few posts back.

I'll pick intellikid up from the Charlotte airport on Tuesday morning -- I guess I'm getting lucky with the weather, too, because Tuesday is the only day in our local forecast next week where some sort of precipitation or other isn't called for. The foot of snow we got here in Bubbaville since Friday morning sure makes things look Christmas-y! Hopefully I'll get a break from shoveling tomorrow, and go finish start my Christmas shopping in Bubbaopolis. It's a tradition for my sister and I to take a day and go to the big city to shop, have a nice lunch with a nice glass of wine, and then shop some more so that at least one of us is sober enough to drive the 50 miles back to Bubbaville. (But first a stop at Sonic for a lime slush to go...did you know they mix really well with Tequila?)

Yep, I got me some. Some holiday spirit!


  1. Sounds like you are primed for the season Intelli. Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah, whichever applies. I'll bet the first batch of home made chocolate chip cookies out of the mixer will be just grand.

  2. I will have the turkey meatloaf. Wait, maybe the four cheese lasagna...

    And a glass of Sangria.

    Thank you.

    Merry Christmas if you get too busy to pass by later.

  3. Saw the title and practically sprained myself getting here to read the news :-) what an awesome gift from your daughter.

    I didn't realise it snowed down where you are so having geography lesson here too, 'Bubbaville' doesn't sound like somewhere it snows a whole lot to me. I've never lived anywhere that it snowed so I probably romanticise the idea though I do want to experience a white Christmas at some stage. Even when I was in Europe for couple of years, I managed to avoid snow at Christmas.

    Have the best Christmas. You still might get lucky, just drink enough to lower your standards (even temporarily).

  4. Thank you, Mr. C. Same to you and yours! (I am an equal opportunity celebrant - in fact, I got a copy of the "Pagan Book of Days" so I'd have a reason to celebrate every day.)

    Doug, haven't had either of your selections, but the quiche is pretty damn tasty. It's definitely soup weather today, though...

    Lou, don't you know me and my smart-arsed titles yet? :-) Ironically, thanks to Bubbaville's altitude, I've had more winter weather so far this year than Intellikid has had up in Boston. (As for the getting lucky, I can always content myself with the fact that I'm lucky not to be with TMFKAH any longer!)

  5. Well dang, having temporarily forgotten the nature of your titles, I was ready for a bit of bawdy, as I thought the ol' amulet rays had kicked in. But, maybe this is even least in the mornings you won't be looking at that machine wondering, "whaaaaat was I thinking?"

    And in case we don't touch down together again, the best of the season to you and intellikid, intell.

  6. Looks like you are in the holiday spirits. It's hard to do that in Florida. I watched the snowstorm on TV in my old part of the world. I'll only miss it on Christmas Day.
    Happy holidays.

  7. Happy Christmas and New Year to you, from your UK friends.


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