Saturday, May 1, 2010

Magical Midlife Mystery Tour

It's time for me to leave on the Magical Midlife Mystery Tour. Well, the only mystery is how much the trip is ultimately going to cost me. Intellikid's semester finishes next Thursday, so I'm heading Boston-ward, taking my very first ever all-by-myself vacation. I'm spending a few days in Provincetown, MA , then on to Boston to reunite with my kiddo. I hope all her stuff fits in the car!

Needless to say, posting will be at a minimum for the next week. Unless I need to arrange bail . . .


  1. That's the plan, Stan. Er, Doug.

  2. Oh, I hope you have a WONDERFUL trip. I really enjoy solo vacations.

  3. Great seafood thereabouts, ummmmmmm, ummmmmm.

    I thought Provincetown was where The Russians Are Coming was filmed (I know, I know, a bit before your time...more or less), but it was a bit south at Nantucket...same terrain though.

    The Russians notwithstanding...have a great trip, and...look out for the cods.

  4. May you discover all sorts of wonderful things, both in your surroundings, and about yourself!

    Have a marvelous time, and enjoying your own company. Happy half century to you!

  5. Hope you're having a blast.
    Looking forward to your return


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