Monday, September 20, 2010

maanantai meh*

(*Finnish for "monday meh.")

I have family ties to today's "meh." In this painting, "Symposion," by Finnish painter Aleksi Gallen-Kallela, you can see my great-great grandfather, Robert Kajanus (second from right). The Finnish-English translation of the painting's Wiki page is a bit hard to follow, but I have a feeling that the conversation depicted was rather hard to follow as the night's drinking and philosophising went on ... and on ... and on.

And I bet they all felt pretty "meh" the next day.



  1. They don't appear to be quite Finnished with the drink. However, they do seem to have a mass DT experience in progress...i.e., the purple feathers.

    Btw, how do you know this is your great-great grandfather?

  2. I wonder what the wings represent. The Third Reich? Or maybe even earlier, Prussia?

  3. Get out! Your great-great gramps was kinda hot Intelliwench.

  4. Jaded, even if I didn't have the family tree to prove it, the gathering so closely resembles many of the family get-togethers that I've personally witnessed that by default, someone depicted in the painting has to be related to me!

    Mr. C, if I read the Wiki page correctly (which is a long shot), the wings belong to sfinksihahmon, which apparently translates to sphinx. It most certainly predates the Third Reich, but the wings could also be the the imperial bird of the Russkies. Or maybe they are just hallucinating...

    Heidi, all of the men on my dad's side of the family are handsome. My grandfather is still workin' it in his mid-90s! Which is kind of embarrassing but what can you do? (Hey, I couldn't get onto your blog the other day, but now I can...woot!)

  5. The fellow second from left has definitely finished drinking and philosophising...

  6. Nah, Doug...he's just getting his second wind.

  7. Glad to see the apple didn't fall far from that high toned tree.

  8. Tricia, some traditions are just too good to let fade away...


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