Monday, September 27, 2010

monday meh

Today's meh, dating to 1858 and titled "She Never Told Her Love," is from the collections at the George Eastman House.

Oh, those were the good old days. I can remember way back in 1858 1998, when most cameras still used film. But I was seduced by digital photography's promise of immediate gratification around 2003, I think, when I bought a used Fuji FinePix something-or-other for less than $200. Ever since then, I've let my old Minolta SRT-200 sit idle. I've considered donating it to the university's art department, but in spite of the fact that I haven't shot a roll of film in almost 10 years, I'm not convinced that I'll never take another picture with that particular camera.


  1. I am sure I will be corrected by certain other followers of yours, but I think one can no longer buy film for them there old time cameras.

  2. I'll correct you before they can, j. While Kodakchrome was retired fairly recently, you can indeed still purchase film. I'm not sure where I'd find a battery for my Minolta, though, since the local camera store has gone tits up.

  3. Tits up? I like your style, intell.

  4. I read an article "somewhere" on the Net just the other day about people who went to digital and are migrating back to film - they have to get it from somewhere. The instant gratification thingy is nice for get-togethers but I still prefer 35mm film. CDs are fabulous but they lack the warmth of vinyls, imho.


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