Monday, September 13, 2010

monday meh

Usually I feel pretty good when summer turns to fall. Not only is the relief from August's heat a pleasant change, but I've always anticipated the "clean slate" that is associated with the start of a new school year, a new season. The fruits of the year's labors have ripened on the vine and are ready for enjoying. But....but....but.....this September I'm just not "there." At least not yet.

I've resolved to get unstuck from these doldrums -- that means changing the way I think, acting instead of reacting, and perhaps most difficult of all, developing some goals and then figuring out how to achieve them. It means that I have to unpack more than the luggage I brought back from my Boston vacation; I have to unpack the accumulated stuff, psychic and actual, that I've had in storage for some time. I've avoided that task for too long. When it's time to move on (might be to a new job, a new town, I don't know yet...), I don't want to have to drag all that crap along. Again.

Meanwhile, it's Monday again. Meh.


  1. I was gonna leave a comment but I could not find the bag I put it in, Meh.

  2. What a wonderfully amusing painting! Hehe, can you imagination the mood of the person painting it (I'm clearly unfamiliar with it, for all I know it's a work of staggering genius).

    Now that's a funk and a half, wouldn't you say? The extended "meh" committed forever to canvas. A disinterested mood made solid. I rather love it.

    I do worry about that fellow's spine though. I hope a chiropractor can be painted in at some point.

    Ah, the seasons of change. I think you'll do well unpacking your bags, intelliwench. You have an agile mind, and oddly enough, that's one of the greatest gifts. Of course it can lead to prolonged contemplation, but it also aids in understanding. It's much easier to unpack a bag when you understand its contents.

    And I remain overly wordy but wishing you well :-)

  3. Hillbillyville should be beautiful this time of year. It never fails to inspire me. Maybe when things get a little cooler.

  4. I left some things behind when I moved two years ago. A thing or two insisted on tracking me down, but most of it stayed put, abandoned. As it should be.

    What I brought home from my vacation, I shall hang onto...

  5. Barnesm, thanks. I need luck, and some empty trash bags, I think.

    Punch, it's the thought that counts.

    LoS, I'm glad to expose my readers to the entire artistic spectrum of "meh." And thanks for the wishes. Your comments always make me smile!

    Mr. C, if you could have seen the sky in Boone today...uber-blue!

    Doug, so THAT'S what happened to my lucky drawers?

  6. Moving out West...I always think if I did that, everything would just take on this whole new life. But your right, unless you have a mental yard sale first, what's the point in shifting the rest of you? Enjoy cleaning out ur closet. :)

  7. That's probably how I escaped notice by state troopers. I guess the lucky drawers would have worked just as well tucked into my pocket.

  8. Sometimes the baggage of life weights down the cart of dreams and schemes. Sounds as if you are lightening the load. And, sometimes one should share the weight...even one's lucky drawers. We all are best wishing you, intell :-)

  9. Heidi, I love the term "mental yard sale"! I'd even give the crap away, though. cart of dreams and schemes is also missing a wheel.


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