Friday, October 1, 2010

Funky Friday

Oh, the silly. Oh, the hair. It rained all week. People are nasty. I just want to smile a little...

...and walk the dinosaur.

Happy Friday.


  1. Hola! I want to walk the Dinosaur too!

    Do you know when this video was done? I believe the first time I heard Boon Chacka Lacka Lacka was Sly and the Family Stone, maybe early 70's. Just curious. Of course, the Greaseman turned it into a language, Boomshakleese.

  2. Mr. Charleston, that's got to be an '80s video. I mean, whoa. That's an eighties video.

    Intelliwench, I love this song, and have for years. Was Not Was :-) The dance is neither here nor there, but if the song can't get you tapping your toes, the only excuse would be the first stages of rigor mortis. Beyond the help of Cymbalta, even ;-)

    Lots of people are nice, by the way. The nasty ones we can feed to the dinosaurs.

    HEY! You did it again. Another association with a dinosaur. Are you secretly a Paleontologist? You are, I can feel it in my bones.

    Well, I must go and shop for jeans now. So I'll likely kill myself later, but thanks for making that slightly less likely ;-)

  3. Mr. C, the Web says the song came out in '88 -- I didn't realize big hair was still around that late, but there you have it.

    LoS, I didn't make the dino connection until hours after I posted, and hoped you'd catch it, too. I'm not a Paleontologist, but I am probably equally underpaid. "Feel it in your bones," indeed :-) Condolences on the jean shopping. (Never, ever shop for jeans & bras in the same retail venture!)

  4. I'll take that bit of shopping advice under consideration...

    Don't forget to stoop 'n' scoop when you walk the dinosaur. Or is that "bag and drag"?

  5. Finally jogged my old brain... Sly and the family at Woodstock, of course. Summer of '69.

  6. All these years, I heard this wrong...I thought it was, Walk the Dinah Shore. Never made a damned bit of sense to me. Now the bone jokes come together for me, also. I thought the jokes were referring to Burt Reynolds.


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