Sunday, October 24, 2010

please stand by

Or sit, if you prefer.

Been busy here the past 2 weeks transforming half of the downstairs into a temporary gallery (more on that later), keeping on top of school work (translation: falling asleep while reading up on the scintillating differences between direct & indirect assessments!), and getting ready to depart, this afternoon, for a conference in Greensboro (where some very famous sitting took place).

At least it's a lovely day for a 3-hour drive....


  1. I hope you're caught up on the sleep before driving. BTW-I love that web site.

  2. Perhaps sometime you can explain what direct and indirect asses... sorry, had to yawn.

    Have a swell confer, and shiny side up, eh?

  3. Travel well and use the proper end of the hammer to drive the nails with. And uhhh why not drop in on Delaware to see the clown show going on there?

  4. A day late and a dollar short so, welcome back.

  5. Back home, all...hope to resume my regular schedule of posting irregularly soon!


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