Thursday, October 18, 2012

Here Every Data Is Quality Based Information

Well, it's not exactly the Nobel Prize, but still, it validates me. That's right, you have it on the authority of esteemed commenter "Anonymous" (who took time from his or her or its busy schedule peddling nonprescription remedies for erectile dysfunction to visit the post-raphaelite sisterhood) that here at the prs blog no effort is spared to insure that every data is indeed quality based information. It's because I care so very deeply about  you, dear readers. Never will the data presented here be anything less. And I work hard in support of that.

Even though I already felt I was doing a good job, on the less and less frequent occasions when I actually manage to post something, I appreciate this affirmation from dear anonymous. I've always believed in quality over quantity.

Except during Happy Hour.


  1. So, are you saying size doesn't matter?

  2. May your quality data always be highly sought in quantity.

  3. Your quality and ability at keeping the web alive has also given a malware ( to anyone who clicked on the link. It is fairly benign but it is a PITA to get rid of.

  4. Doug - thanks for the support! Maybe you can give me tips on the quantity part, you who have backlogs of material ever ready to post!

    WM - what link? I will delete Anon's comment from the previous post, but I didn't think anyone would actually follow his link. My sincere apologies for having led you astray -- or at least, sorry it wasn't more fun for you when I did ;-)

  5. i have sometimes received some quite endearing and insightful comments from various "anonymous" ( or would that anonymi??) funny how these unexpected gems can be a bright spot.
    i think your blog is quite marvelous.
    i can relate to the hills and valleys of posting....lately i am not as with it as i would like.


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