Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wienerdog wednesday - vacation edition

A belated Wienerdog Wednesday from my vacation at Myrtle Beach. Unfortunately, my own wienerdog had to be boarded back home -- no pets allowed in our condo, and besides, I wouldn't want to see what kind of mess her long coat would be after frolicking in the surf.


  1. Whatta concept 3 dogs in a bun. Or is is two dogs and a strip of bacon?

    Send some heat this way!

  2. Mark, if you invite the candidates up for the next presidential debate, you'll get plenty of hot air!

  3. Soaking rays, vino and chomping Jingos, eh? Feeling like the one percent?

  4. Oh, JJ, life's not all vino and Jingos at the beach. There are shrimps and cervezas, too, my friend. Come Monday morning, however, there will be nothing one-percentish about the way I'll feel :(

  5. funny comments...
    hope you had at least a percentage of the R&R that the pooches seem to be having.

  6. Harlequin, I know what you meant by "R&R", but at this point in our election cycle I respectfully request that you not use that particular abbreviation :D

    But yes, I vacated magnificently and quite successfully, thank you!


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