Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wienerdog Wednesday, Holiday Edition

From photographer Seth Casteel's book, Underwater Dogs

Hoping everyone has a frightfully good Halloween tonight. In Bubbaville they held Trick-or-Treat yesterday evening so that the local churches' "Jesus Ween" festivities wouldn't have competition tonight. I didn't expect there to be any kids out last night, what with the 20-degree wind chills and 6-inch snowfall that we got, courtesy of Sandy, so I hadn't taken the usual precautions of closing all the blinds and turning out all first floor lighting until after Trick-or-Treat ends. Wouldn't you know it, though, the doorbell rang promptly at 7pm. Being proper heathens, we turned away the kids who came to the door -- some holiday observations are best not toyed with!


  1. We don't get any trick ot treaters where I am so I am having liquid treats at the Toucan as I type (thumb) this. Happy Halloween, Intell!

  2. What a grouch! But I'm doing the same thing tonight. Who the hell decided Halloween was a holiday in the first place?

  3. not one little goblin turned up at my door, sad to say.
    happy howling, all the same.
    great image of the poochie....

  4. I had two waves of delightful little grimlens. I fell in love with several, hell I even to raise the cute little monkey in your arms. They all took my candy and left. Life it good. New York finally learned with NOLA already knows. Happy Day of the Dead. Think you your loved ones who have past and still come to you in quite moments.

  5. Doug, liquid treats are good.

    C, Halloween just seems more and more like a warm-up to the Xmas Consumer Holidaze.

    Harlequin, more candy for you, then!

    Punch, Life is Good. But someone else has already trademarked that.


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