Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Wienerdog Wednesday, 2014 Edition

Image via Dachshund Parade Vintage Tumblr    

Anybody needing some hair of the dog this New Year's morn? Alas, it's been many a year since this wench let her hair down on New Year's Eve, but I can sympathize with anyone who celebrated too hard last night. Just fix yourself a Bloody Mary, and pull yourself together before the game starts.

I make it a practice not to do the resolution thing each year, but I do have some plans planned. Finding a new job is #1 on that list, but it may be the least easy to accomplish. I have a couple friends my age who've been out of work for over a year, no fault of their own, but their unemployed status brings to light the difficulties those of us who are more "experienced" can have when competing with fresh-faced applicants from Gen-WTF. I'm hoping that for me it will only be a matter of months, not years, before I can move on, but at least for now I don't need to worry about setting foot in the office until Monday. Still, I'm not looking forward to it -- but that may be fodder for another blog post.

Meanwhile, I need to get dressed and get more coffee . . . slowly but surely, it's a New Year.

I wish you all health & happiness in 2014!


  1. And Happy New Year to you too Mz. Intelliwench! Yr Portland, OR pal :)

    1. Thanks, Jeffrey -- Hope all is shiny for you in the New Year!

  2. You don't need an excuse for a Bloody Mary.
    the Ol'Buzzard

    1. Hope you're keeping warm up there, Ol'Buzzard! Bloody Marys will help.


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