Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday Meh, Solstice Edition

(Night, by Tom Thomson)

Although yesterday was the Winter Solstice, it was bright and sunny and warm here in Upper East Tennessee. I should've driven the few miles up to the Cherokee National Forest and checked out the new trail that just opened this year, but I puttered around the kitchen instead. Snow isn't supposed to make another appearance around here until Christmas Day, if the weather folk are right, which they seldom are these days, so there'll likely be another nice day soon.  

So here it is, winter, and I look forward to the first real snowfall, whenever that will be. We've had several bouts of wintry precip since before Halloween, but the weather can't seem to make up its mind which season it wants to be. I have trouble making up my mind, too, about lots of things. Which is why I welcome substantial snowfalls whenever they arrive -- then, the only decision I have to make is whether to change out of my pajamas or not. 

Happy Winter.


  1. Lovin' the Tom Thomson .... what a great image.
    No snow here in southern Ontario either, although we had a huge load of it about a week/ten days ago. Now, all melted. My big decisions right now are all about letting go of stuff that does not gladden my heart. Granted, some stuff in my job is out of my control on that front, but I want more joy and less bullshit. Now that's a solstice sentiment I can get behind!!
    Happy Solstice.

    1. Hi, Harlequin! I "discovered" the Group of Seven artists when I was visiting Canada 2 summers ago. I found a calendar with some of their images locally, much to my surprise. Hope it is still around when the things go on sale after the holidays....

      I can relate to the "letting go" -- I'd been working mostly on clearing the physical clutter that I've accumulated, but I believe the psychic stuff could use some assessment and judicious disposal, too. Here's wishing us both success!

      Oh, and Happy Grading, too :-)

  2. Weird solstice weather for Maine. Temps near fifty degrees and rain. Should be snowing, snowing, snowing... But, a NorEaster predicted for Monday - hopefully - finally changing back to normal winter Maine weather.
    the Ol'Buzzard


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