Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wienerdog Wednesday, Yuletide Edition

Scooter Pie can't believe it's December 24 already! 

I can't believe how much I have to do to get ready for the coming festivities! Didn't get around to baking any Xmas cookies until last evening, one batch of overcooked chocolate crinkles. Hardly did any shopping for or making of gifts, either...but so be it. Everyone has too much of the stuff that doesn't matter, anyway. 

Here's hoping that your holiday is filled with the stuff that DOES matter, that your cookies aren't burnt, and that the jingling you hear is some seasonal magic and not tinnitus!


  1. Here in JJland, I struggle to keep my bah humbugs to a minimum as the bills roll in. After all, it's not about solvency, but about druids or some such, eh? At any rate, the payoff (no pun intended) is in the smiles and song singing of the Kinder entrenched hereabouts.

    As to sweet thingies, I resist the temptation to comment on my cookies, be they crisp or er...soft. The same with's not so much jingling I hear, but rather the flapping of the ever growing/ mature guy ear lobes.

    My windiness aside, here's to you, Scooter, intellikid/young lady, momma and crisp cookies having a bright one ;-)

  2. I have no home made cookies yet, though they are promised at least until i forget about them, and no gifts i wanted or didn't which is just fine too. this day isn't about the me in me but about the you I see. May you have a wonderful day Denise.

  3. Love that Santa hat! Here's to lots of home made cookies for people much loved (and much alone)! One small thing at a time - it really can make the world a better place :-)

  4. Scooter is adorable. Love the hat, and the message!! Things that matter... what a concept. I am boycotting nonsense this season. Focusing on gratitude, being present and loving the life I have and the people in it. Big jingle bells to you all.... esp. jaded j and WM whose comments always make me smile.


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