Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wienerdog Wednesday, New Year Edition

Here's to saying goodbye to a year that went to the dogs! No party plans here, but I'll certainly be awake at Midnight  -- if only because of the gunshots and fireworks that will be going off all around me. Who says small towns aren't exciting? 


  1. Hey ho!!
    I am bringing in the new year on the east coast (Newfoundland) with family before heading back to neo-lib/neo-con Southern Ontario SIGH.
    I am hoping for a nice low pressure and low expectation evening. Looks good so far.
    warm regards to you!

    1. I hope your 2015 is all you want, H! Since you got a head start down east, maybe you have a feel for how things are going ..... Let us know!

  2. I'm getting rid of everything! Just a cot, stove, and computer: what more is required in the 21st century?

    P.S. Happy 2015!


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