Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just in time . . .

. . . my sister dropped off my (belated) birthday gift - a gift certificate for an hour's massage. Ooh, yeah.

I used to regularly get rubbed the right way, but since 1) my raise didn't come through, and 2) child support $ stopped, I no longer have any "disposable" income.

I have tried to compensate by slinking around to all the local health fairs to get free 10-minute chair massages from masseusses- and masseurs-in-training -- but it's not the same as the real thing. I may have to contact the local community college to see if their massage therapy students need a willing volunteer to help them accumulate the necessary clinical hours for licensure.

In the meantime, however, I have an appointment to make . . .


  1. Was it McLuhan that said "the medium is the massage"?

  2. My work benefits include massage.

    Nice of your sis to give you one - enjoy!

  3. Ah yes, rub the right way, sounds awesome!

  4. An hour? Good god, I would never be able to get up from a one hour massage. I would look liked a Dali time painting...dripping off the table. Five minutes and I am in heaven. Yes, my standards are all things.

  5. Doug - almost. Actually we are manipulated by the media without having to schedule appointments for it!

    Becomingkate - Do you mean that your wellness plan covers massage, or that you have co-workers who like to rub you?

    Lou - I will enjoy, as soon as I can find time to schedule that appointment...sheesh.

    jclouds, yes, it does. Is. Will be.

    jaded - You wimp. I'm going to scrape together the extra $$ to extend it to 90 minutes.


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