Tuesday, May 19, 2009

With practice

I decided to heed the advice of commenters and not worry about the tears of pride and joy that will inevitably prevent me from actually seeing my daughter receive her high school diploma on Saturday. And yesterday I had the opportunity to practice some discreet weeping at the Senior Honors Awards ceremony.

Intellikid has received a substantial financial aid package from her intended college (Boston University), but nevertheless it falls a bit short of meeting her actual need -- not to mention the travel costs! So it was wonderful news yesterday to learn that she received a scholarship from a local foundation that will make up the deficit, and hopefully reduce the amount of borrowing she'll have to do.

After hearing this fantastic news, I sat bleary-eyed through the rest of the awards presentations, so happy that my kid's dreams are coming true.

(And she knows not to date any med students while she's at BU!)


  1. How wonderful! I hope she really enjoys it at B.U.

  2. That's totally cool.

    Gawd I wish we had some of the scholarships that are available there, here. My son (nowhere near as super smart sounding as yours) is going to finish university with a loan of around NZ$50,000.

  3. Congrats to Intellikid!

    Med students here are the least likely to cause trouble, if they expect to make it all the way through. Way too much work to do to allow for getting into trouble.

  4. You are a good mother intell. Congratulations, to both of you.


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