Friday, November 27, 2009

It may be too late for some of you . . .

. . . but for the rest, remember that today is BUY NOTHING DAY, a day to resist the urge to splurge and keep your hard-earned earnings out of the pockets of corporate thieves, scoundrels, and no-goods.

I don't advocate going to the extremes that some observers of the no-shopping movement propose -- like abstaining from ALL consumer spending by turning off all power-consuming appliances and lights, fasting, etc. -- but the Black Friday madness has truly gotten out of hand over the past decade or so, and there really is no consumer good out there that is worth killing or dying for.

My resolve would be tested mightily, however, if one of these bad boys was offered at, say, 50% off MSRP.


  1. As long as that puppy was all metal or Bakelite. Remember Bakelite?. I hate that plastic stuff they use now.

  2. Doug, for $545 USD it'd BETTER be metal. I don't know if Bakelite would even be up to the task of heavy-duty makin' and bakin' -- but yeah, it was cool stuff. Bakelite had soul...the cheap crapola they make now, not so much.

  3. Well damn. I didn't know today was Buy Nothing Day. I didn't buy anything, but it isn't the same as not buying something when you KNOW it's a buy nothing protest. I protest in belatedness!

    With you regards the plastic. I have noticed (and I say this at the risk of sounding... isolationist), but I have noticed that the cheap plastic stuff started appearing on the scene at about the same time as shoddily produced Chinese products...and yes, I had yet ANOTHER Chinese product FAIL on me a couple of days ago. A critical PLASTIC piece broke. Correct, it CANNOT be replace. The product is less than three months old.

    Sorry intell, the mention of the plastic by Doug pushed my button.

  4. Jaded, you can continue not buying stuff tomorrow, when I believe it is "international buy nothing day." At least try not to buy anything plastic :-)

  5. Never heard of Buy Nothing Day but I wasn't planning on spending at all today anyway as did groceries yesterday and no other shopping planned. At least now I suppose I can now feel good about not shopping for the remainder of today. I do enjoy a good protest.

  6. Ps that mixer is a beaut! Did you say $545 in your dollars? Wouldn't that metal have to be gold for that price?

  7. Successfully bought nothing today except half and half for my coffee tomorrow.

  8. Well I failed. shopped the internet and found that much needed futon mattress for my futon frame. It is produced locally and I will pick it up tomorrow after it is constructed today. got the $39 distributor cap for $28 along with a rotor for my annual tune up of the van. And I purchased a new to me, used awesome chair for $20 to sit at my computer. This one beats the heck out of those folding chairs that I worked beyond their load and capacity! Happy Holidays!

  9. Good job, Lou - sometimes it's very satisfying to do something meaningful without actually having to spend energy on it. (The mixer is supposedly "commercial" grade, hence the price, I assume.)

    PE - that counts as necessity purchasing and is exempt.

    jc - That's ok. Your bike riding habit cancels out your shopping ;-)

  10. not a problem (secpt 4 spellin')
    but the cat walked acrossed the keyboard.
    I must leve now
    (Ihad a really cool thought)

  11. This could be your lucky day Intelli. I believe you can get one of those bad boys for $250 at Lowes. At least, my wife's got one and I know she didn't pay anything like $500 for it. It was petty much buy nothing weekend for me.


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