Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Intellikid reports that all is well in Boston. She is dismayed that her class schedule won't allow for attendance at either the Tea Club or Linguistics Society meetings, but that seems to be her worst complaint so far. She is an inveterate worrier, however, and while I'm glad that we have the sort of rapport where she feels free to ask my advice about matters of import, her habit of asking questions I am not qualified to answer is sometimes less than endearing.

Her latest quandary: whether she should change her major from Linguistics to a new Philosophy and Linguists double major the university offers. Do I think she should switch?

My advice: "I think that someone considering a major in Philosophy should work that out on her own, don't you?"


  1. Hmmmm. Good answer intell. Exactly what I would advise...if I knew what the deuce she was talking about. My oldest daughter scares me this same way.

  2. I have never been a very cunning linguist, but I like a good turn of an old adage.

  3. Ohh very good, a response Wilde would have been proud to make.

  4. So much of modern Anglo-American philosophy is grounded in linguistics that a major like that would be wonderful. She should go for it, as long as she's keen on abstraction.

  5. jj, isn't this parent stuff fun?

    Doug, cunning is in the ear of the beholder. (That sounds dirtier than I intended.)

    Barnesm, intellikid is wild about Wilde -- I'll tell her you've put me in the same pantheon.

    Dr. Vole, thanks! I think she's more worried about not being able to finish in 4 years if she changes her mind...


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