Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Still Life with Peaches and Figs . . .

...but no dates.

Except this update: After a week of relentlessly pursuing me via telephone and e-mail, culminating in what seemed to be a successful and highly entertaining dinner date with Mr. Compatible two Fridays ago, all communication from him has stopped, and my attempts to contact him have gone unanswered.

It's quite possible that I have simply stunned the fellow into silence as he contemplates whether or not he is truly worthy of my companionship. Or perhaps he is bi-polar, and we just happened to initially connect during one of his manic phases. (It wouldn't be the first time that's happened....)

I'm not sure I have the will to sort through all the nuts out there, just to get another date.


  1. Unless he became violently ill, was hospitalized or died, he has no excuse for not saying something.

    Or maybe his wife found out. But you would have heard from her.

  2. Haha, sounds like a jerk - I like your attitude/tone here though. Going to have a look at the rest of your posts now.
    Check out my dating disasters if you get a minute:

  3. Peach, it was silly of me to expect that a middle-aged man wouldn't act like an adolescent, wasn't it?

    Doug, he hasn't been too ill to log in to :-)

    plenty - a sense of humor is mandatory in these circumstances (as you obviously know!) Good luck fishing!

  4. He must be a catch and release kind of "fisherman"...

  5. You are an important reason I am coming back to Blogger. Upon further reflection I figured out that I need this option. Speaking on the phone the other day was a plus and my $0.02 worth is on line dating sites are not successful for many including myself who sample many of them. Dating in later life is 50/50, like eating peanut butter off a stick and slipping on a banana peel. You never know what the outcome will be!

  6. Dating... Ick.

    As was previously mentioned, good attitude.

  7. No "from a man's perspective" help here Intelli. If he isn't interested, you would think he would at least have emailed you a Dear John. That's certainly easy enough. I'll wager he's met another girl who put out on the first date and he's holding you on the back burner. Ah... you didn't... did you? Slap my face. None of my business.

  8. What a cad, what a rotter, no gentleman he. I believe the young people over here terminate relationships by text, using the traditional formulation 'you is so dumped innit, y'get me'.

    Seriously though - no marks for style or manners. He clearly isn't worthy of you.

  9. Damn intell. After how many years now...four...five of following each other's blog, I feel I have a stake in your life. Maybe out of order, but this is pissing me off. A pox and several pins in his doll (which I constructed soon after your initial contact with him...just in case), in the groin area. Bastard.

    Really, I know I am making light of this, but hang in are too good of a find for there not to be someone out there kiddo.

  10. Damn, you all are taking this harder than I did! It's better to discover someone's level of jerkitude early on, rather than several years into a marriage, right?

    jc, you're just being kind - but thank you anyway. I'll try to avoid that peanut butter on a stick thing...

    Bethany, dating can indeed be "ick" but overall I think the concept is better than the old-style arranged marriage thingey.

    Mr. C, it's quite possible that you jinxed it by invoking the "b" word too early on. You do raise a good point, however I thought it was just younger guys who were always on the lookout for something better. (And no, I "didn't" -- I have learned a few things in the past mumblemumble years.)

    Vole, I was truly expecting at least a text message.

    jaded, thanks for lookin' out for me. You can drop the doll in the kitty litter box when you've done all you can.

    All right, no gnashing & wailing here -- someone better will come along. But I'm not going to tell you guys about wouldn't be able to handle it if things didn't work out again!

  11. Mr. C is probably right.
    At least if you were in NYC he'd be right because there is such a shortage of single, straight men in this demographic who are somewhat employed and relatively sober. Pi

  12. Back to the drawing board then. They're not all boys surely - there MUST be some actual men left out there. If you come across any who are visibly intimidated by your smarts, send them my way would you.

  13. PE, I want to be reassured by your statement, but I don't think I'm at a geographical advantage at all.

    Lou, you're no slouch in the smarts department, either -- although I bet your accent is sexier than mine ;-)

  14. But, intell...would not that be you with the accent in Bubbaland? Please tell me yes.

  15. Well, jaded, I don't think I have an accent.

    Fear not, I have retained the dulcet vocal tones of one sired by a French-Norwegian polymath and raised in Penn's Woods' county of York.

    (That last sentence would sound hilarious if a local Bubbavillian said it...)

  16. The Bubbavillian part?


    You're just too easy.

  17. Would you please spread that around.

  18. I guess that's one way to get a date...


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