Friday, November 26, 2010

funky friday, bill evans edition

Nice rendition of a classic.

It's a rainy Black Friday/Buy Nothing Day here in Bubbaville. A good day for cleaning house to work off some of the Thanksgiving calories consumed yesterday. And I might have the opportunity to babysit a Yamaha electric baby grand, so I need to make room for it, just in case.


  1. If that babysitting a Yamaha Baby Grand doesn't work out for ya I have a puppy about the same size that could use a good babysitter.

  2. Have you been sneaking around in my record collection again? Dig a little deeper and you'll find Bill playing with Miles or the Jim Hall Trio or that great old Oscar Peterson with Milt Jackson recording, "Very Tall". Ain't nothin' funky about it, just pure, sweet soul. Thanks for the listen Intelli.

  3. It looks like they all stopped off for a gig on the way home from the ad agency.

    But I like it.


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