Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"Refudiate" named word of the year.



It would be different if Ms. Palin's congolmorization was intentional, a-la Norm Crosby. And if she didn't try to elevate her errors to the level of Shakespearian wordsmithing.

English teachers have their work cut out for them for the forseeable future. (If, that is, they are able to remain employed at all.)

I can only wonder what's next -- Bill Clinton promoting GW Bush's memoirs?



  1. Who declares these things,and who gives them credibility? The sense I get from Palin is that she distrusts everything she can't pronounce - like George W. (Except for Nuclear: they like that even though they can't say it).

    We've got the opposite problem: leaders with hugely expensive elite educations who have no idea how the world works for the rest of us…

  2. G W is dyslexic, so his mispronunciations and tongue-twisting, while quite funny, can be excused as these are just a couple of the symptoms of this learning disability. I have the same problems.

    SP is just plain old stupid and I'm getting very tired of her being lauded by the MSM and legitimized by such institutions as Webster's. The right has bastardized The English language enough - why should we lower our standards for them?

  3. Next, she'll get an Emmy for her reality show ("number one program launch in TLC’s history").

  4. "Bill Clinton promoting GW Bush's memoirs?" sometimes life is impossible to satirize. Or in Palin speak paradorise.

  5. I wish you hadn't pointed out the article about Bill Clinton. That and mention of the Palin makes me want to reflatulenceate...numerously.

  6. Who named it the word of the year?

  7. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave ...

  8. Vole, obviously the Oxford American Dictionary subscribes to the credo "Low standards are better than no standards." (They must be based in Oxford, Mississippi.) And I despair over what's happening to the education industry EVERYwhere.

    tnlib, sorry but I'm disinclined to excuse anything about Bush. I think it's that smirk of his that makes me unsympathetic.

    Doug, Noooooooooooooo!

    Barnesm, yes, it would be funny if it wasn't true!

    Jaded, there's a pill for that. Unfortunately, I know your insurance company won't pay for it.

    Punch, see my reply to Vole, above.

    Jaliya, there must be lots of folks a-spinning. Too bad we can't harness that as a viable energy source.

  9. Here is the full story as posted by LW

    and here is a HufPo article on Sarahs parenting abilities

    this idiot will go away soon enough. She'll get her hundred million and yap once to often and then she gets ignored.


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