Monday, November 15, 2010

monday meh, with miscellaneous musings

Girl in Red Kimono, by George Hendrick Breitner

I can't figure out why, now that we're back on Standard Time, the 6a.m. sky is really not much lighter than the 6a.m. sky was under Daylight Savings Time.

It's not a good idea to watch "The Big Lebowski" just before going to bed, unless you enjoy trippy dreams.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of buttock augmentation procedures performed in the United States has risen 37% since 2008. I wish there was a donor registry for this.

Is it an anomaly that I actually know all but 2 or 3 of my "Facebook Friends" outside of Facebook? Who really has thousands of friends???

This year intellikid won't be coming home for Thanksgiving. Meh.


  1. Twilight Zone.

    There are other kinds of dreams?

    Aha...this would explain the preponderance of asses in Congress.

    Sarah Palin? that makes me sad. Double that meh.

  2. Is that a kimono or an uber expensive snuggy or what ever the hell those things are called. I saw now you can by bootypops at Walgreens. If you don't know what they are...just (of course) Google them up.

  3. For the first time in I don't know when, I just can't seem to get adjusted to standard time. It's really perturbing because I hate DST.

    Does butt augmentation mean removing mass (ass) as well adding it? In today's vernacular, to augment could just as easily be interpreted as adding beauty. Meh

    Can't help you with Facebook, although it seems to me that blogging is pretty much the same... old friend.

  4. I still go to work in the dark. Meh.

    I can only dream of sleeping well enough to dream..

    I walk a lot and ride a bike. That has kept my butt "augmented" all these years ;-)

    I actually know or at least have met only 33 out of 91 FB friends.

    Fed Ex her a turkey sammich and some dressing...

  5. Heh, heh. My generous tummy makes up for my flat ass. Wow, I don't even have one friend on FB who isn't really a friend or relative. Have a couple of blogging friends but not many and really want to keep the audience small.

  6. the walkin' man's right, that blankie is way too big. Guess the painter enjoyed painting that pattern. Maybe Geo. went to lunch and left a student saying, "paint like that untill i get back." At lunch he caught up to an old flame and well, and so on, and so forth and the student just painted on. (nah.)
    I reco: stop paying attention to time, listen to your self, 'be here now'.
    Augmentation, I saw one today that was just right on. My, MY.
    Yes it is an anomaly.
    I also recommend to not ever watch the 'big lebowski.'
    The Kid's ok.


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