Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog days

The ebbs and swells of the cicadas' cadence are more easily heard now that the new bypass is open, deflecting truck and tourist traffic away from the street that goes by my house. You can actually sit out on the front porch and hold a conversation now.

Or you could, until the new neighbors moved in two doors down. It is a good thing that someone has finally taken on the task of rehabbing the century-old house, but the daily drone of power tools didn't figure into my idea of some down-time at home.

Nor did the incessant yapping of their 4-legged family member.

A poodle ain't a yard dog, folks.


  1. Intell, you know what they say down your way..."If ya can't play with the big poodles, get off the porch."

    Just hope they don't have a teenager, with tweeters and woofers larger than a Hummer, in their Rice Boy Car...such as one of my neighbors. That will keep even the cicadas from breeding. It will take care of the yapping, however.

  2. Powertools and yapping dogs? Sounds hellish, you have my condolences. Perhaps it won't last too long.

  3. Nor much of an eat'n dog if anyone cares to know, perhaps this could be mentioned casually in conversation with the neighbours.

  4. believe it or not. the work will get done or the new neighbors will run out of money. Either way, the noise stops. Listen to the sound of love reviving a home.
    JJ, BTW it's more like "if you can't run With the BIG dogs, DON'T get off the porch. I'll bet you own a poodle.

  5. Punch, it. was. a. play. on. the. saying. See, she mentioned a poddle, which is a dog...and...oh, never mind.

    Sorry, intell it seems to follow me around.

  6. It's almost worth my own dog waking me up at 6am so I can enjoy some quiet time!

    Funny you should mention the porch, J -- the neighbors' porch furniture consists of a beat up dining room table & chairs, plus a milk can. Somebody needs a refresher course in shabby chic...

    And I will admit that the current residents are making a better impression than the tenants who rented the house last year, and had no qualms about driving a 4-wheel ATV around (and around, and around, and around) the yard.

    (And Punch, J is secure enough in his masculinity to be owned by several cats.)

  7. Barnesm, I just read your latest post and now I can't get the image of zombie poodles out of my mind.

  8. A poodle is a dog like a fish is a bicycle.

    Unless it's a full size poodle without all the inbreeding. Then it really is a dog :-)


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