Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Sick Society

When illness strikes a loved one, it’s time to do something.

My mother is displaying the symptoms of the new disease making headlines. Much more serious than the H1N1 virus, what Mom’s got is the same brain-numbing affliction that thousands of “Town Hall Protesters” are suffering from. I think she caught it from those two guys she’s been spending so much time with, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. (Can’t they be quarantined?)

This is serious. As a consequence of ingesting other folks' opinions, Mom is outwardly depressed over what she perceives as threats to her assets and lifestyle, and to the fantastic private health insurance she has (courtesy of my dear departed stepfather’s longtime service as a state employee, and generously subsidized by the taxpayers of Pennsylvania). She is not a stupid woman, yet she has been utterly brainwashed by the crap she watches on television, by the books her sister tells her she “must” read, and even by the reactionary comments made by the guy who mows the lawn (stuff so vile I will not publish it on my page!). This is not the same woman who raised me.

Bill, Glenn – I want my mother back. Don’t make me pull the plug . . . .


As an aside, here is the great Cab Calloway's take on "End of Life Options":


  1. It's pretty hypocritical to deny everybody the kind of care she gets through government service - isn't that like socialism?

    Like I said over on Banquet of Consequences, you Americans deserve an NHS which isn't driven by profit. It's one of the most civilised things a nation can do. Plus, 260 million people can get things pretty cheaply if they all get together, so there won't be any diminution of quality.

    Good luck - sounds like things are getting nasty.

  2. If Will was writing Henry VI today, he'd likely use the line "First thing we do is kill all the media barons"...

  3. What i find most frightening is people like your mother buy into this stuff. Where does this madness come from and how does it get traction. I know these are retorical questions, but damn it is frustrating to watch.

    St. James Infirmary is one I would love to have played at my funeral.

  4. I believe Will and Doug have something there.

    I haven't done it yet today, but I am about to do a post regards the New Hampshire meeting that Obama attended, Monday night (?). Very disturbing.

    Even more disturbing when people like your mother start buying into the dribble.

  5. ... but at the same time it's nice to know that some are not buying into it, thank you. :-)

  6. Vole, hypocrisy indeed. Mom blathered on one day about disabled people who couldn't work to support themselves shouldn't be taking government "charity" but should instead be put in homes. Such sputtering there was when I inquired how those "homes" would be financed...

    Doug - I think killing them lets them off too easy!

    Punch, rhetorical questions or no, I would like the answer!

    Jaded, I will have to comment at your post re: the idiot in NH. Glad that intellikid is going to be in "socialist" Massachusetts!

    You're welcome, Brett. I never could stand the taste of Kool-Aid.

  7. If you haven't already, take a look at today's Salon article...and possibly read it to your mother.

  8. Obviously you need to counter with all the witty, intelligent, well reasoned and research opionion makers on the popular media ......

    ....I see your problem.

    To further enflame the debate about the US health care system in New Scientist (that international hotbed of Marxist dogma) this week showing the US spends more per capita on health care but has a lower life expectancy than equivilent OECD countries.


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