Thursday, August 20, 2009

I have to go now

Today I'm leaving for the long drive to Boston.

To get there, I have to drive some 300 miles across Virginia on Interstate-81.

This summer, Virginia closed down 19 of its interstate rest stops, in order to save $9M.

I guess that means there will be less stop-and-go on this trip.


  1. Safe journey. I used to feed Velvet zuccini muffins so he'd get vegetables. We deposit him into his dormitory on the 26th.

  2. Wow. Glad I'm not in that car with you.

    Drive with care..although, I suppose by the time you read this, you'll have gotten there...and made it to a ladies room.

  3. Hey, have fun. I did a road trip with my buddy to Washington D.C. and loved driving through Virginia. It's a gorgeous state.

  4. Hopw you're having fun. Drive carefully.

  5. 9 mil, less see now, a car leaves Tennessee headed for Boston, and crosses Virginia, which has closed 19 rest stops to save 9 million Dollars US. What is the increased cost to be absorbed by private businesses along I-81. lets see now 9,000,000 divided by 19 = $ 473,684 each divided by 12 months = $39,474 a month divided by 4 = $9,868 a week divided by 7 = $1,407 a day that the taxpaying business has to absorb each day in the local of the 'closed' 'not for rest stations'. (of course now it would be good to have the population of Virginia) Survey says 7,769,089 (2008) That means that Intelli and her chums on the road all have to anny up a buck to pee, or get hasseled by McCheapskate, sos the generous folks can save about $0.00018146 each, a week. All that soos the great state of Virginia can reduced it's taxes, and at the same time keep the dead beats, driving through, moving on down the line.
    Here is the added point, class. Who thought this was a good idea?
    A) the dick that funded the building of them, by his pals, to begin with?
    B) the dick that don't care about you, just getting re-elected?
    C) the dick that flys, at your expense, (private shitter on the plane) home for a 'town hall' meeting?
    D) all of the above.

    Hey that is just my opinion, i could be wrong.

  6. Surely cutting out these rest stops is false economy, but I guess road accidents contribute to our GDP so thats a win.

    Drive safely.

  7. PEN - Thanks for the good wishes. (Eating veggies isn't an issue with iKid, unless it's okra.) Good luck with that empty nest bit, yourself!

    J - There would be no room in the car for you.

    Pantsless - VA is a beautiful state. There is just too much of it.

    Lou, thank you, will do. We're about halfway there now, stopping for a few days to visit in Pennsylvania.

    Punch, the person responsible for this was obviously a man (Gov. Tim Kaine) -- no woman would close down rest stops!

    The thing that boggles my mind is that along the stretch of I-81 I travel, at least, 4 or so of these rest stops have just been constructed in the last few years. (Insert pun about government waste here.)

    Actually, I do recall when the PA Turnpike had pay toilet stalls in its rest stops. One had the option of pay-to-pee and thus the guarantee of a fairly pristine toilet, or the free potties, which were fewer in number and used by the unwashed masses. Finally a court case gave everyone the right to dirty toilets at no charge.

    Barnesm - happy to report that there were no "accidents" along the way. So far.

  8. It's been a long time since I drove through Virginia, maybe 10-11 years. Can't remember if I had to go when I went.


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