Sunday, August 16, 2009

A to Z

I'm going to spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen today -- apple crisp and zucchini bread need to be baked!

Time spent in the kitchen with intellikid has been one of the main ingredients sweetening our relationship. It will be so ... different not to have her around (she's due to move in to her residence hall at BU on the 24th). Certainly, there are some areas of my life that I'll be happy to reclaim, but I will miss the daily companionship and commentary that my daughter has provided.

Still, the moving away and apart is a good thing, and I fully intend to be one of those "I'm-here-if-you-need-me-but-please-don't-call-me-every-day" kinds of parents (an endangered species these days, I know).

Now, if I could only get my own mother to stop worrying about ME....


  1. I can't remember what zucchini bread tastes like, but I sure wouldn't mind some apple crisp.

  2. I understand this one. Certainly not as critical as intellikid in another city, but starting Wednesday, both of my daughter's will be in school, all day. Yes they'll be home by 4, but since I semi-retired four years ago, I've been the stay-at-home parent. The youngest has spent only 2 hours, 3 days a week away. I am used to having her with me most of the day. Now I'll be kicking around here by my lonesome. I don't know who's going to play My Little Pet Shop with me. I'm trying to let it go, but...

  3. As a one time 2nd in Charge of a residential collage may I say now

    Bless You

    Not just for not being a Blackhawk parent but teaching your offspring some actual life skills ie; how to cook food before waving them off to their new life at collage.

    If figure if you have taught intellikid how to cook you would have also covered off other such important life skills like: remember to clean out the lint filter in the dryer or if a sink is overflowing with water it may be because the hole is blocked, or if you don’t keep your car topped up with water and oil it will stop working.

  4. Bitter sweet I imagine. You're a great mum to insist she find her own feet and her own way - I only hope I can be the same when the time comes in a year or two. Enjoy your zucchini bread, yummm.

  5. Doug, I'd mail you some, but it wouldn't still be apple CRISP by the time it got there.

    J, it will be good practice for when your daughters do go away to college.

    Thank you for the blessing, Barnesm. Intellikid can be a tad short on common sense at times, but I am trying to reinforce the message that if she is smart enough to get into BU, she is smart enough to figure out how to handle life's more mundane challenges.

    Lou, I'll no doubt have a few sleepless nights but won't drive myself -- or her -- crazy! And by some stroke of luck, I can happily report that my kid is much more, shall we say CAUTIOUS, than I was at her age ;-)

  6. Best of luck to both you and your daughter. I attended college in my hometown and in order to save money for law school lived at home. When it came time to leave for law school...let's just say your daughter will appreciate all you've done. You'll get phone calls, oh yes. There had never been a time in my life I called home just to talk prior to those days.


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