Monday, August 10, 2009

Where's my paddle?

It's over. My summer institute, that is.

My mantra during last year's institute was "Nobody's died yet." This year, my mantra was tweaked just a bit: "I haven't killed anybody yet." And luckily for us all, that held true throughout the month of July, even when I took 20 of the participants on a canoe trip.

Luckier still, we were all only in the same metaphorical boat.

I am scrambling to find a new job before next summer's institute rears its ugly head. Not only have I still not received the pay raise I was supposed to get in January 2008 when I agreed to take the job, but the state employees' health plan has cut its mental health benefits. So I would be crazy to stay in the job, but unable to seek treatment for it.

An ounce of prevention is the obvious cure here, don't you think?


  1. Abandon ship...but grab a life preserver. Sorry, I can't help myself.

    Would this possibly take you from the Bubba Blue Hills...a traumatic move no doubt...but maybe closer to Boston and environs?

    Incidentially, good to have you back.

  2. Well done on surviving the group. Does sound like you need a change - happy looking.

  3. It's a dangerous time to be casting about on open seas. Best to keep one foot on the dock until the next boat comes along.

  4. If you've lost your paddle, best stay away from smelly creeks...

    Congrats on a trauma free (in ER speak, anyway) summer institute.

  5. Jaded, I will entertain offers from afar -- just not so far as the one I got from the Cali-Ariz border. I like trees...

    Lou, it never hurts to look. I only fear that it'll make what I've got look like a good deal!

    Mr. C, indeed. Even though I fancy myself a competent swimmer, I'm not about to just jump into the maelstrom.

    Doug, it does feel like I've survived an ordeal of sorts!

  6. In lieu of trees, there's always tequila.

  7. J, there ain't enough tequila in the hemisphere to make me transplant to a town full of golf-pants-wearin' septugenarians.

  8. I will can never have enough tequila...and yellow pants...with white belts...


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