Saturday, August 29, 2009

Left behind . . .

. . . or behind, right. Either way, it's lonely here tonight.

After unloading all of intellikid's stuff at her BU residence hall, the car sure looked empty Monday evening when I got back to my accommodations. I am proud of myself for only spending 30 minutes bawling my eyes out, though.

Latest communiqu├ęs indicate, however, that Daughter Dear herself is doing well, if a bit bored today due to being reluctant to venture out into the rainy weather. She spent the week doing a service project with domestic violence prevention and shelter-type agencies, learning how to walk the few blocks from campus to her residence hall alone without getting or looking lost, acquiring the ever-important skill of being able to fall asleep with the lights on, and, apparently, missing my cooking.

Some statistics are in order, I think. Bubbaville, where intellikid and I have lived for the past 11 years (and by the way, Bubba County is home to Copperhead Road ), has a population of around 2,400. Boston University (down by the banks of the River Charles) boasts 4,000 members in its class of 2013. There are two establishments within one block of intellikid's res where fresh sushi can be had. In Bubbaville, you can buy live bait from vending machines. Can you say "culture shock?"

Nevertheless, I think my kid will feel at home in her new home. For me, though, home is a much quieter place this week.


  1. Bait from a vending machine??? Please post a detailed account of this.
    I am lookin' to augment my 401K.
    This is like so very cool. I mean what a treasure. Bait in a Vending Machine. Boy Howdy.
    and a slot for snuff, and another for beer, and another for cigs. Hell girl, She may have hit pay dirt. Wow and a college education to boot.
    Good work Intelli.

  2. Might as well be sushi from a vending machine. I wouldn't eat that, either ;-)

  3. Punch, I can't believe they don't have bait machines down your way. You must not hang out at the right places.

    Doug, would you eat poutine from a machine?

  4. I've had several noisy, two minute bawling fits brought on by overwhelming pride and joy. I expect they will go on for some time. Meanwhile, I had one party Friday night and am having another next Saturday. Sadly, I may run out of weed before payday.

    I believe there's Sushi in the food court at Velvet's school.

  5. Intell, poutine does not sound like something you should put in your mouth in public ;-)

  6. Ah intell, you continue to bring a tear to my eye. Seriously.

    Living in Bubba County as you have for 11 years, I wonder how you've managed to avoid being lynched. Surely you are a neon sign that screams..."book lernin, book lernin." You must only go out at night.

    I was going to admonish you for making me listen to that Copperhead Road crapo, but you redeemed yourself with the Standells.

    I read some of the comments on the Copperhead YouTube site. My favorite was, "Yea, breaking the law, killing government officials, growing pot and being ready to go to war; what a rebel." That person was promptly attacked by the other commenters...from Bubba County maybe?

  7. Glad you made it back safely, with a mimimium of balling eyes out anyway.

    Still not long till term break.


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