Monday, January 17, 2011

Even though the weather here returned to "seasonably yech" after a relatively warm & sunny weekend, even though intellikid has gone back to Boston, even though the economy continues to suck and the political climate is still crazier than my great-aunt Helen, I'm determined not to get in a January funk.

And I'm determined to eventually have something of interest to write about in this space.

In the meantime, I've got homework to do.


  1. "Month of Funk" almost has a ring to it.

  2. I can get with you on the January thing why not move the pages of calendar around some and see if we can trick the weather into not knowing what time it is?

  3. Seems reasonable to me Walking Man, after all, if you can move around the Zodiac why not the calendar? How about the Dog Days of January?

  4. Doug - to complement the "month of meh?"

    TWM, sounds more economical than moving south of the equator!

    Mr. C - How about we skip January all together?

    Punch - non sequitur much?


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