Sunday, January 2, 2011

Here we go again

Happy New Year, all! 2010 may just go down in my memory as the fastest-moving year ever -- is anyone else having trouble believing that we've made another trip around old Sol already? I commented at PENolan's place that I hadn't gotten a 2011 calendar yet and so was living under the delusion that another year hadn't really gone by. Today, however, I have to pay bills, so I'll need to remember to write the new year on my checks....

Just because I've been in a state of chronological denial doesn't mean I haven't been a tad retrospective these past several days. It didn't take long, though, because 2010 may also be my laziest year ever. But oh, I had plans. And my toenails were always painted.

Well, luckily none of my projects had expiration dates, so in that regard the passage of time is of little consequence. I did, however, do some really important things, like reconnect with a number of old friends as well as grow some new friendships. And not just because I want help getting my other projects done --- but if any of you happen to have carpentry skills....


  1. There's a wood joke in there somewhere, but I'm gonna go with...

    Happy New Year!

  2. So here is the flip side and you have no calendar to make sure we really all made it into 2011? You don't owe me any money right?

  3. HNY, Doug! You are the model of restraint - a new resolution?

    Hey, walking man! I am very happy to say that you are one of the few people I don't owe money to.

  4. I am pretty sure there is also a woulda joke in there somewhere.

    And...painted toenails is definitely a step forward.

    Top of the year, intell!


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