Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wienerdog Wednesday, Renaissance edition

Vitruvian Wienerdog from Terry Pond:

"The proportions of the Dachshund figure seem mathematically implausible, with an incongruously long torso region and short arms and legs. Surprisingly fine-boned and even graceful shins, while the haunch is rounded and even meaty (seen more in some specimens than others). A fifth appendage, the "tail" often moves of its own accord.

Travel on all four legs is preferred mode of locomotion as subject has a tendency to topple whilst walking upright. In males parts seems perilously low for travel up stairs and other inclines, especially in particularly portly specimens.

The elongated face of the Dachshund ends in a wet, leathery snout, which is often engaged in inquisitive activity, while the tongue is companionaly close at hand, also wet but not as leathery.

Eyes are deeply expressive and effective at communication, which is fortunate as assorted yaps, barks and whines would otherwise indicate rather primitive language skills."


  1. It's a prototype, still being tested. Nature works on a rather long time scale.

  2. In the dachshund's case, Doug, as in the case of most purebred dogs, nature got a big helping hand. Well...maybe not always so helpful.

  3. Design by Krauts!! Where on earth did they start? Hey Hans, das ist von loooong hund sie habpst dar. Was es ist?

  4. I grew up with standard sized dachshund, they have a wonderfully contrary sort of personality, to go with the incongruous shape.

    The dog breed that I always assumed was a mutt was the Corgi, until I finally noticed that the Queen seemed to be surrounded by what I had always taken for a mutt.

    I'm still a bit disappointed that didn't prove to be the case.


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