Friday, January 7, 2011

funky friday, 1 out of 2 ain't bad edition

I've always liked Doc's version of this song best. If you haven't made any New Year's resolutions yet, resolve to catch Doc at a live performance -- soon! He'll be 88 this year & you never know when he might take a notion to retire.


  1. I had to play it twice. I saw Doc and Merle Watson in a small club in Philadelphia about '74 or so. Probably the first real show I saw not in an arena that year. Though a different style the only show like his I saw also in a small club was Matt "guitar" Murphy.

  2. There's a little family-operated seafood place... Thompson's?... just east of Parkway Elementary on (what is now Old) 421 where Doc used to do a set or two on Thursdays. Some friends of mine lived in the blue house behind the restaurant and we would go over and "give him a listen" quite often.

    Doc is an awesome musician and person.

  3. twm, I think I know the club you're talking about (in Philly); that's probably where I saw Leo Kottke in '80. There used to be another great club like that in DC, too.

    Doc's practically a neighbor here, and in addition to all the summer festivals locally, he's even done a benefit at the Bubbaville high school. He plays with Merle's son, Richard now.

  4. If I had him as a neighbor maybe I'd be a whole lot better on guitar. I do like me some steel string finger pickin'.

  5. A nice ending to a cold, ho hum Friday. Thanks.

  6. Another old favorite Intelli. My favorite version is with Merle. He and Merle did a great album way back in the early 70's, maybe late 60's (I'm too lazy to go find the album) live in concert at a college. Can't remember the name of the college but I'll never forget the music.

    BTW... If you've never been to MerleFest over in Wilkesboro,NC, you've got to go. Easily one of the best festivals in the country.

  7. One more BTW.. another favorite version is Doc with Chet.

  8. Bob, I know the place you're talking about but never have been there. Sounds like some good times you had, though!

    Doug, practice!

    Punch, you're right about that.

    Jaded, I did my best to avoid any negative references to the weather!

    Mr. C - I first heard the song on Doc & Merle's "Pickin the Blues" album and was lucky enough to see them both at a bluegrass festival in PA or MD. Haven't made it to Merlefest yet - was seriously considering going last year, but it conflicted with the Magical Midlife Mystery Tour :-)


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