Friday, August 19, 2011

Funky Friday, Fur Hat Edition

Hey, gang -- here's a little something for my drummer friends. It's Ginger Baker's birthday today. Just look at how young and, er, young they all looked back in '68.


  1. Ginge doesn't - he looks about 60. Must have been all the drugs!

  2. My God, we were all fucking challenged...satorial wise. Why did you have to remind me? Kinda like the fur thingy though.

  3. Well, Mick - he looks younger than he does now!

    jj - you get bonus vocabulary points, dude! I had to look that'n up.

    What I should've said was they looked young and furry.

  4. Giger Baker was 60 years old then. He's 102 now.

    I like the cigarette stuck on the headstock. Just like the big boy blues players.

  5. I hadn't listened to the original on this song in many years; my son's garage band (the first one, thirteen year olds known as Krunch) version has rung in my ears to this day. I should tell him I made a mistake: they sounded terrible because they sounded EXACTLY like Cream on this number.

  6. Hah - good one, Mr. C!

    Nance, hopefully your son's band imitated only Cream's sound ...

  7. Ginger Baker might be the only drummer who used heavier sticks than Tommy Chong in the Cheech and Chong band scenes...

    I don't care how ragged they looked or sounded, these guys take me back to some stoner moments a lot of us grew up to, for better or worse.

    My theory about all that is that we only offered up sacrificial brain cells that didn't matter anyway... who really needs to know how to divide fractions or diagram dangling participles?


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