Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wienerdog Wednesday

"Hogs" - a 1964 Roto News Service pic - Via The Long and Short of it All

I read somewhere that dachshunds are the only dog breed known to eat itself to death. Maybe it just takes a while for the "full" signal to travel all the way from stomach to brain in these critters. Scooter Pie certainly doesn't give her kibble a chance to get stale in the bowl!


  1. I think my Heinz dog would give Scooter Pie a run for the money on the inhaling food thing. Hers is gone before I even get the lid back on the storage container.

  2. I have to echo Walking Man. My Dalmation, Libby, inhales her food, or anything else edible that comes within reach for that matter. But again we are on the same wavelength Intelli. While watching my dogs eat this morning the thought ran through my head whether, given the chance, they would eat themselves to death.

  3. wm - SP pretty much snarfs her food down by the time I take the measuring cup back to the bin. It's not pretty.

    Mr. C - Somewhat related, my sister told a poignant story of a dog who committed suicide by chocolate -- she knew the the owner, who kept a bowl of chocolates out on the table for years, but her two dogs never bothered with it. After one dog passed on, however, the other, supposedly heartbroken, ate all the chocolates and soon after, died.

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  5. Whenever our friends leave town they deposit "Ozzie" at our house, and we have the honor of becoming handservants to a dachshund diva. That dog is unbelievably smart, and that's coming from a guy who has raised twenty Labradors in his lifetime... But I've always wondered why our friends have such specific feeding instructions: "one third cup morning, one third cup evenings"...
    With my dogs you could put ten pounds of food down and they'd eat when they were hungry, ignore it when they were full. Now I know...

  6. Hey, squatlo - welcome to the sisterhood! Scooter Pie has the members of the intelli household execptionally well trained, although we do have to hold firm on the kibble rationing.


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