Friday, August 26, 2011

Funky Friday, What Did You Expect? Edition

Yep. I had to do it.

...and goodnight to my dear readers. Tomorrow is a travel day as intellikid and I head Boston-ward once again. I'll be back after Labor Day. Or Labour Day, for my Canadian friends.

UPDATE:  I decided not to drive into a tropical storm, so plan to spend another day in Bubbaville. I hope everyone in Irene's path is safe!


  1. Have a good and safe trip. However, I recommend that you not stop at the Washington Monument on your way. God has smitten it and we can't be sure smittens don't strike twice.

  2. Thanks, jj! Don't worry - DC isn't on the itinerary, but Baltimore is -- we have tickets to see John Prine & Richard Thompson tomorrow night, if the concert pavillion doesn't blow away.

  3. Great video choice!

    Have a nice trip.

  4. Have a safe trip and just in case pack a gas powered chainsaw...there are a few places yoou may have to cut your way through


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