Friday, August 12, 2011

Funky Friday, Something a Little Different Edition

Wish the quality was a little bit better on this one, but being an afficionado of the Hammond B3 (it's my favorite organ, next to the pancreas), I had to share.

Summertime is still in full swing here in Bubba County and environs. Taking the day off today, and intellikid and I are going to see if any blackberries around Bass Lake have survived the heat - and the other blackberry-lovers.


  1. Oh lordy, you do tempt me so. I am going to be strong and not go there, however.

    That's odd, my wife had to get her Blackberry from Verizon...vada boom!

    Thanks for the share, and have a Bubbalicous day off ;-)

  2. The B3 needs its own Hall of Fame... so many killer tunes feature the Hammond B3!

  3. I feel I should go against the grain here and speak up for the Rhodes organ (

  4. The "B" in B3 stands for BAD. The 3 for BAD times 3. It's still the baddest instrument on any stage. But also have to give a nod to Mr. Mick in the previous comment. Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder make a Rhodes sound might nice.

    Ain't much cotton down heah but de fish are a-jumpin'.

  5. Jaded - I know it took a lot for you to restrain yourself, and I hope you weren't injured in the process. (And we'd have had better luck going to Verizon - our berry-picking got rained out!)

    squatlo - I got to play a B3 a long, long time ago, for one song, in a community college production of Jesus Christ Superstar -- great fun!

    Mick, great video. I forgot that Jean Luc-Ponty played with Zappa once upon a time. And yes, the Rhodes made / makes its mark...but it's not quite the same, is it?

    Mr. C, glad to hear that the fish haven't been already poached, as hot as it's been!

  6. Hammond B3. I think I heard Boz Skaggs at Monterey County Fairgrounds maybe 1970 or so. My friend Steve Berk plays or has played the Hammond B3, but I think he is playing something a little more portable now.

  7. Cool! Fun! I didn't know the Fifth Beatle did Bach and Ray Charles :-)

    I, too, shall avoid any organ recital jokes.


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