Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bad Thai

Ooh. Either I went a little heavy on the pepper sauce at dinner last evening, or there was something not quite Kosher in the Yum Seafood salad I (mostly) enjoyed. This morning I do not feel particularly Yum. I expect that, while daughter dear is reuniting with her buddies, I will find a cup of tea and a comfy chair at Barnes & Noble. From there I will be able to continue observing the interesting denizens of this place.

In spite of the fact that I do travel a bit for work and pleasure, I really don't get out much. That is, I don't "do" malls and other sorts of venues that presumably are a part of "normal" American life. Coming here is like an anthropological expedition for me -- our hotel is in a strip of bars, restaurants, theaters, shops, and more hotels, all catering to the people who have come here because Nashville is home to the country's Country Music industry. It just amazes me what people will spend money on, the sorts of things that are valued.

Maybe that's what's making me feel ill.


  1. Unfortunately, one could go to a strip in any town in American, and it will be the same strip as all the other strips in other towns...reduced to a common denominator, which makes everything the same. I find that sometimes one can't even tell what town one is actually in, due to the sameness. Americans want sameness. As much as I love Barnes and Nobles for example...the one in Nashville is the same as the two in my town, which are the same as the ten in Miami.

    OK, I have no idea what the devil I'm talking about here.

  2. I feel for you with bad food feelings. Especially when out on the road, it is hard to determine a good place to eat without asking your advance tasters(the locals) who has the good food.

  3. I have never travelled well. Mainly I don't sleep. I haven't got sick on any road food yet, though.

  4. jaded, at least your town HAS a Barnes & Noble! We used to have a Christian book store, but they've gone out of business. I don't know if that speaks to a waning faith or declining literacy among the locals. I'm guessing the latter.

    jeffrey, I usually try to avoid chain restaurants when we travel, although that might be the "safe" bet!

    I used to have a terrible time sleeping on the road, too, Doug. Now I always try to at least sleep on a carpeted floor. But seriously, valerian root and Advil liquid gels usually do the trick for me. Earplugs help, too.

  5. Valierian knocks me on my ass. That is only after I can get past the smell.


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