Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History Happens

President Obama. Doesn't it sound good?

I know the new guy has yet to prove himself, but what gives me optimism is not the fact that President Obama will be an agent for change, but the fact that he has inspired many, many Americans to see themselves as such.

We are the deciders.


  1. Ugh...even hearing the (non-existent) word "deciders" in a positive context makes me cringe.

    I feel confident because I believe in his decision making and we see eye-to-eye on domestic and foreign policy. We'll see what he's made of soon enough.

    Hey, you know what that picture has in common with Obama? They're both black and white. ZING! Can't judge me...I voted for Obama.

  2. It does have a nice ring to it.

    He is articulate, focused and a true leader...and, as you that inspires others to follow. I have no doubt of it.

  3. What I really like about Obama is his ability to empower us to believe that we can accomplish by coming together, staying positive, leaving the negatives of the past behind and keeping the ideals that our country was founded on as our guide.

  4. I'm just glad that the SOB dictator is gone. What a wasted eight years!

  5. Chimp you need to learn to let it your real feelings...tell us what you really think. Like that.

    Chimp...non sequitur...wasn't your blog's name based on the chimp in the White House? And if that's so, are you going to change it, the name, not the WH?

    intell---sorry for taking up your space for my questions.

  6. Cartguy...between my use of the word "deciders" and your awful joke, I think we're even.

    Jaded, he's a class act! (And you are welcome to post your questions here, free of charge.)

    jclouds, I think it's been almost 30 years since I haven't felt like apologizing to the world for our leadership!

    chimp, I'm glad too. But it worries me that I heard Papa Bush would like to see Jebbie in the White House. Here's hoping that lesson's already been learned!

  7. ABSOLUTELY. You are right about that. He also represents a more accepting America. Total Yayness.


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