Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RES 5000 vs. RASTA 2009

Posting may be more intermittent now that I am back in class. This semester it's RES 5000, Research Methods. As with the previous graduate classes I've taken, the biggest challenge I find is staying awake while reading the course materials.

And speaking of staying awake, The Wailers (yes, THOSE Wailers) are performing on campus tomorrow night. I am sorely tempted to grab a six pack of Red Stripe and go dance my ass off! Problem is, the show doesn't start until 10 pm. Well, maybe if I steer clear of my textbook, I'll be able to stay awake that late.

It's no fun being a college student if I can't . . . be a college student!


  1. The Wailers cool. You could have a 'nana nap' after a couple of hours at the books, set your alarm in time to head out and party.

    Deprivation isn't good for the soul.

  2. I hear ya. I like the nap idea, too - in fact I think naps should be part of our culture in general.

  3. We shall see, chicas --unfortuntely the weather reports for tonight aren't good, and there are 25 miles and 1000' of elevation between my home & campus.

  4. The Red Stripe will help with the nap. However, you may miss the concert...and work the next day.

    The Wailers in North Carolina...I'm impressed.

  5. Sounds like a once in a lifetime thing that shouldn't be missed, know what I'm saying?

  6. Red Stripe, is that like Red Bull or is it something that helps you in the opposite inclination?

    Wow, The Wailers, sans Bob. How are they doing?

  7. Red Stripe + Reggae = better than Red Bull

    Now wait -- anything is better than Red Bull!
    (Red Stripe is a Jamaican Beer.)


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