Sunday, January 4, 2009

Soup du Journal

Although I enjoyed the break from KP duty during my travels, it's good to be back in my own kitchen, where the food is of known vintage.

It's a rainy Sunday - soup day, methinks. Maybe we'll bake some cookies, too. I developed an irrational craving for snickerdoodles during the drive home last evening.

Speaking of food, I wrote a post in my old journal about Tennessee's "Road Kill Bill," which legalizes the consumption of vehicularly-harvested meat. It seems the citizens of the state are indeed exercising their rights to "food hot of the grille" -- I did not see a single deer carcass along the several hundred miles of Interstates 81 and 40 that we traveled. (In contrast, on my recent road trip to NY and MA, there were Bambicide victims galore on the highway shoulders.)

It's only a matter of time before they invent some gadget, akin to sonar fish-finders, that allows motorists to search for their next meal of venison the way some travelers use their Garmins to locate restaurants.


  1. Years ago I dated a Native American who wanted me to carry large plastic garbage bags in my van to pick up road dinner dejour for the express purpose of feeding the Bald Eagles up on the Reservation. I drew the line there, no road dinner dejour in my van!

  2. One really can't tell that you have red hair, from the photo. (Oh, and the hose are totally...spiffy!)

    A piece of unwanted advise, if I really should call a plumber and get the leak under your sink fixed...a thing like that only gets worse with time.

    As to "Road Kill"...did you see any dead chickens on your trip through NY and MA? I think not. You see, in defense of our Tennessee friends, it's a matter of taste, as it were.

  3. Road kill is only fit for human consumption if it is fresh and immediately dressed. For carrion, it doesn't matter as much :-)

  4. jaded, you can tell by the apparent lack of eyelashes that I am too a redhead!

    Doug, I didn't see any moose carcasses along Highway 401 when I was up that way, either.

  5. Sorry, I thought that was due to the camp fires.

    BTW, why are you avoiding the question regarding the chickens?

  6. Sorry, J - I wasn't avoiding the question. I just didn't want to carrion anymore.

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  8. I live in Michigan and while I was in high school I had a kid in my class that showed up to school 40 minutes late because a deer had hit his car. It wasn't the accident that caused him to be tardy - it was the fact he pulled over and hunted the deer down. I didn't believe him until he pulled the antlers out of his backpack.

  9. It only seems reasonable that road kill be fair game. Unless it is human, of course.


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