Monday, January 19, 2009

Daily Routines

The Web site Daily Routines is a compendium of "how writers, artists, and other interesting people organize their days." It is at once inspiring (Franz Kafka was an inveterate procrastinator) and discouraging (Toni Morrison, John Grisham, and countless other writers manage to be their most productive in the early morning hours, those hours when I have difficulty producing anything but coffee stains on my robe).

Even on weekends, holidays, and vacations, I do have a routine to which I must adhere. I need to drink at least one cup of coffee before I even consider doing anything else. I have even pondered placing a coffee maker in my bedroom, so that I don't have to negotiate the long trek downstairs and to the kitchen in an uncaffeinated state. So far I have resisted indulging that whim, but the day may yet come . . . .

Sometimes I manage to scribble a word or two while the coffee starts circulating in my system. More often, I spend that first cup trying to remember what day of the week it is. In spite of my morning sluggishness, however, I do consider myself a "morning person." I like having a block of "dawdling time" during which I can pretend that my day is my own.

What sort of daily routine do you have?

And stop looking at my boobs.


  1. I can't help myself ;_}

    I write in the morning. If there was something soft and warm other than that first cup of coffee to distract me I would be there instead. Those moments crossing from sleep to waking are precious.

  2. Having a young child, and being the parent that's home,(I work at home), I have to work in spurts, because of interruptions. Coupled with that, I am not a morning person, never have been. I have to force myself to sit down at this computer and design.

    Next year the little one will be in "regular" school, so I'm going to really have to regiment's going to be too tempting to go back to bed.

    As to the coffee hit...I'll drink to that.

  3. Coffee and blogging come before anything else! Then I get ready for work (same way, every day)
    I am definitely a creature of routine.

  4. I love my mornings . . .

    Coffee and email, and blogging and Facebook!

    In the dark, cosy corner of my home office. The cat curled up on my left hand, the mouse on the right . . .

    Thats happiness :-)

    See, I linked you on my art blog!
    Click my name again1

  5. We're uanimous on the coffee, then!

  6. It depends on my mood, but I don't drink coffee. If I do it's usually on a whim and I have to go out and purchase something flavored and foo-fooey. I don't own a coffee maker. I do like to drink tea sometimes.

    I don't have a routine! I rarely have to BE up for anything, and when I do it's pee, shower, brush teeth in shower, dress, pluck eyebrows, put on face and eye cream (it's so dang dry here), and go. I don't even have to brush my hair because it's so short now :)

  7. With school and a weird work schedule I have little sense of routine anymore although it seems to include a lot of internet time now. I am a morning person much to the shock and horror of my boyfriend.

  8. Toast, coffee, work. Days off I have toast and coffee instead. I haven't written anything in ages aside from a few goofy haiku as comments. Most of my writing has always been done on a whim, so a routine has never presented itself.

  9. i do yogic breathing! inhale, hold, release.... laying down because i need something to help me sit up.. then sit up and alternate nostril breathing... and more... for about 10 mins. then go make coffee :-D

  10. Tea, toast and the paper. I check online of course but still love my morning newspaper.

    I love the pictures you find to use with each entry!

  11. Thanks, Joan -- I have become addicted to browsing the "Life" archives on Google Images.

  12. I'm not sure if writing a masters dissertation counts as "writing" per se, especially as it contains more numbers than words. I gave up on my novel a few years back. One day I might get around to looking at it again, though this seems unlikely.

    Coffee makes me way too hyper; I'd be climbing roofs by lunchtime if I started my day with that. Therefore, I stick to tea (strong with sugar), unless I'm working night shifts when I'm not adverse to a small Red Bull or "similar stimulant" (read cheap supermarket version).

    I rarely write in the morning; it takes me most of the day to wake up. Usually, I write (read calculate) at night, if I'm not too drunk to focus on the numbers.

    Interesting anecdote follows: I had a philosophy professor (actually he left before I started, but that's hardly relevant) who wrote his "works" in a hardbound notebook without using notes or making drafts. He just started and continued until he'd finished and then sent it to his publisher. Allegedly, he made not a single error - ever! I find that highly likely, having read some of his work.

    On the subject of philosophers, Kant used to get up early, write until early evening and then allow himself a coffee and some tobacco. He didn't teach me either.

  13. Mick, I think you do need a routine, and caffeine, of some sort to actually finish writing a thesis -- good luck with that!

  14. Yes, you're probably right on the "routine" front. It def. needs some sort of organising, what with work, son, masters, "social life" (hah!) conspiring to obstruct my plans. Maybe I will try increasing the caffeine though.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog btw.


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