Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sew what?

More "spiffy" fashion pics for my friend jadedj, who enjoyed my get-up last weekend.

If I raise the hem on this skirt a couple inches, I'll have enough fabric to make a matching vest and booties for my doxie.

Yep, I am of the generation whose mothers taught them to sew. This talent has come in handy more than once - most memorably when a male co-worker on whom I had a terrific crush asked if I could mend his leather jacket. I shan't describe how he expressed his gratitutde . . .

I also was one of the unfortunates who had to wear a mostly homemade wardrobe, and it was no small humiliation that when I declared I wanted to have blue jeans, like the other students in my junior high class, my mother's answer was to make me a pair of red, white, and blue striped denim bell-bottomed trousers.

And yes, I had a matching (bolero) vest.


  1. I do wish I had learned to sew.

  2. A"hem", I am flattered.

    Obviously there are two issues in your life that are still bothering you. You need to give it up and move on.

    Oh, do you still have the trousers and bolero...and would you consider selling them? They sound like the perfect gift for my mother-in-law.

  3. I could learn to sew any time, I could really I could (supressing feelings of immense non-good-enough-ness)

  4. I can do buttons, but only if abosolutely necessary i.e. pants or top button on a shirt :-)

  5. In the pre-Walmart days, my mother sewed out of economic necessity. She even sewed wedding dresses, upholstered furniture, and made Barbie clothes. Oh, and there was the time she made matching dresses for herself, my sister, me, our aunt, and our cousin. Talk about spiffy.

    Sadly, Jaded, none of these creations survive except in my memories. You can probably find a suitable ensemble for your M-I-L on QVC, though.

    Tuesday, I could learn to change my oil any time, too, but lack of such knowledge doesn't make me feel inadequate. (It's not having a manfriend to do it for me that makes me feel inadequate.)

  6. I loved sewing, but with the current cheap prices, I can't justify sewing anymore. Hope the few inches off the skirt can outfit the doggie.


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