Friday, January 23, 2009

Thank Odin it's Friday!

I woke up this morning thinking that it was Saturday, but realized soon enough that I had one more day of work to get through. What a disappointment.

Speaking of disappointments, our department's graduate assistant has become my "project," and today I had to confront the lad about his habitual YouTube and Facebook surfing. I wasn't sure how to handle the situation, but after catching him in the act one time too many (yes, I saw the web site before you clicked the browser closed, ninny!) I had a few words with him and, at least for the rest of the day, the problem was resolved.

It didn't help that this week there was yet another news story of a graduate student run amok. I don't think that our G.A. poses any danger to anyone, but one never knows . . . .


  1. I can relate to that - FaceBook addiction . . .

    AND the photo: That was me yesterday!
    A day off, a good book and a food bath!
    That's paradise when you have been running with horses all day long to days in a row!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Hmmmm...this was a cheery post until I clicked on the amok thing. Some people are simply, well...insane. No motive, just insane. That's not to say your GA DOESN'T have a motive...or is NOT insane. Just saying.

  3. Elin, you have the funniest typo in your comment! "Food" bath sounds like an interesting way to unwind ;-) Hope your weekend is a good one, too!

    jadedj - our G.A. is from the UK -- maybe I should've just e-mailed him the Monty Python video.

  4. i vote for sending the monty python video!
    i woke up afraid it was sunday, when i have to work, instead of saturday, when i don't. checked the parked cars outside, not many, couldn't be sunday :-D

    happy to reconnect dear intelli!

  5. I don't think he will get it, intell.

    BTW...last week I went out to get the Sunday paper (it's the only day of the week we get it) and it wasn't there. Irritated, I called the subscription department informing them that it was 8 o'clock, and I have no paper. "Sir, you only take the paper on Sunday...this is Saturday." I gained an entire day last week...and a dose of humility.

  6. Remindes me of a story about my ex. She got home about 5 pm, took a prescription painkiller. She awoke at 7, late for work. She got herself together fast and took off to work. Got there at 7:30 and no one in the parking lot. She called her boss on the phone and wondered why no one was at work. Her boss said, "Put yourself together, it's 7:30 PM, not AM." Then she remember a pizza delivery guy coming to her building when she was rushing out to work. Pizza at 7 AM?

  7. Chimp, I see nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast, but it is kind of interesting that she would get all the way to work without realizing something was amiss!

  8. Good Lord, did I say that? Food?

    Feet, foots, whatever: in danish it's 'fødder' :-) and that's a tough one, huh?

    Hmmmm . . . I used to be soo good at english.

  9. To bad! Is it to late for the fun? I'm laughing like crazy, just what I needed, thanks. I woke up on Sat. at 0619 looking at the clock thinking it was Friday. I though I was late for work, but went back to sleep.


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